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Fanatical British Car Nuts for 35 Years!

Being British, it was natural that we gravitated toward classic English cars.

We've owned a plethora of marques including innumerable Triumphs, MGs, 

Minis, Healeys, Jags, Rovers, and TVRs.

As kids we cut our teeth with Don at English Motors,

maintained and modified our own cars, became involved

in the local clubs and events and parted out lots of

old Brits that were too far gone.

Now it seems that many cars are coming out of long naps and need

freshening up to get back on the road.  So the hobby has now changed

from daily drivers to weekend toys.  Over the last five years at Manx Motors

Stu has awakened many sleepy cars and kept many 

more happily on the road.

There aren't too many around anymore with the 

knowledge to look after these classics properly.

Give us a call today!

© 2017 Rigler Brothers Sportscars

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